design as AN investment

Why graphic design is worth the investment

So it’s time to create a new ad, put together a brochure or update your company logo. Should you hire a professional design firm?

In other words, is it worth the investment?

Harris/Decima surveyed 500 Canadian businesses and determined that nearly two-thirds of them saw a definite link between design and improved performance. In other words, businesses that invest in a certified designer or design firm tend to see increased revenue growth.

Another study that tracked 166 British companies over 10 years showed similar results, and also revealed that effective users of design tend to outperform their peers on the stock market.

So yes, working with professional designers certainly is worth the investment, providing great ROI.

Great design can motivate your customers, cultivate brand recognition and improve the public’s perception of your company and its offerings. I understand this – extending your reach into the marketplace and helping you achieve your full market potential.

When you hire Brand and Bridge, you tap into a wealth of expertise in communication strategies, effective problem-solving and some highly specialized design experience. I will help you articulate your objectives and crystallize your ideas, and you'll be rewarded with thoughtful visual communications that will make your message clear.

When choosing a design firm, remember: quality design is effective design. Your logo and marketing collateral shouldn’t just look pretty – they should support your brand strategy and help convey the right message to your target market.

Aaron Heppell is Designer and Owner of Brand and Bridge Creative Services. Aaron is also the Past President of Graphic Designers of Canada, Vancouver Island Chapter. He can be reached at 250.618.9231 or